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Honda’s vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is a well-earned reputation for reliability. As your local Honda dealer in Minot, ND, we take that reputation seriously and work hard to make sure that you can rely on us for all your automotive needs. From selling new and used cars to offering quality service and replacement parts, we’re committed to providing our community with top-notch products and the highest level of customer service. Our experienced sales team will guide you through our impressive selection of models and find you that perfect model you'll love, as well as one that meets all your driving needs.

While Honda is a popular brand, not everyone is familiar with it, and you certainly can’t be expected to commit to a big purchase like a car without being well-informed. If you’re interested in learning more about Honda, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at the company’s rich history and the wide variety of models it has to offer. Whether you like your vehicle to be sporty, spacious, or utilitarian, there’s a Honda for every type of drive.

A red 2022 Honda Ridgeline Sport is shown from the front at an angle while it drives down a dirt road after leaving a Honda dealer.

What Is Honda All About?

The Honda Motor Company was founded in Hamamatsu, Japan, in 1946. Early on, the company built motorized bicycles and motorcycles but started applying its engine-making skills to vehicles with four wheels in 1963, producing a mini pickup truck called the T360. While the earliest Honda cars were developed for the Japanese market, the brand started to expand internationally over the coming decades. The Civic was introduced in 1972 and was a hit in countries around the world.

In the 90s, in order to stay current in a time when drivers were starting to favor bigger cars, Honda came out with a minivan known as the Odyssey and an SUV known as the CR-V. These offerings diversified Honda’s lineup so that it was no longer strictly specializing in coupes and sedans. The introduction of the Ridgeline, a light-duty pickup truck, expanded the brand even further.

A red 2022 Honda Accord is shown from the rear at an angle while parked in front of a garage.

Honda has come a long way since it was a small company making motorized bikes for people in Japan. The company has several divisions, making everything from generators and power equipment to motorcycles and ATVs to onboard motors for boats and even a HondaJet aircraft. This wide range of models and versatility is reflected in the brand’s auto lineup, which truly has something for everyone.

New or Used, We Have the Honda for You

Honda has a long history of creating reliable cars with long lifespans. While new models are loaded with all of the latest features, used models still have plenty of life left in them, making them a solid budget-friendly option for drivers who are just looking for a comfortable ride and don’t need all the modern bells and whistles. At Ryan Honda of Minot, we have an extensive selection of both new and used models. Whatever you're looking for, we guarantee we'll find that perfect Honda just for you. Let's take a look at just how diverse our model selection is.


While some drivers think bigger is better, you’d be unwise to overlook the advantages of a nice sedan or compact hatchback. The body design’s low center of gravity gives these cars a safety boost and is easier to navigate through twists and turns than larger vehicles. Honda offers a few different cars that are very popular with drivers who enjoy their nimble performance and good fuel economy.

A solid family car where passengers have room to relax, the Accord has been in production since the 1970s. While it has seen plenty of changes in style and features through the years, it has long been a popular choice for drivers of mid-size cars.

The Civic is a more compact car that’s great for commuters. There are plenty of different versions of the Civic, so whether you want a classic sedan, a hatchback that offers more cargo space, or a sportier model that’s great for joyrides, you should be able to find a version that’s perfect for you. Whichever one you pick, you’ll get a practical car that has good fuel economy and doesn’t take up too much space.


Though there was certainly a time when Honda’s auto lineup was almost exclusively coupes, sedans, and hatchbacks, the company has been producing SUVs for decades. So if you need a little extra space, you can still get a reliable Honda. Whether you want a compact crossover or a full-size model, we’ve got you covered.

The CR-V has been around since 1995 and has picked up plenty of fans over time. Drivers enjoy the interior space and power that draws many customers to SUVs while also having a reasonably compact and fun-to-drive car that saves them pain at the pump with its solid fuel economy.

With three rows of seating, the Pilot has room for everyone. Whether you have a large family or like to take road trips with friends, it’s a solid choice. This practical SUV offers a powerful engine that will get you where you want to go and a comfortable interior that will ensure both driver and passengers enjoy the journey.

Minivans & Trucks

The minivan is known for being a great family vehicle for a reason. Minivans are safe, large, and have versatile interiors that can be arranged to accommodate passengers, cargo, or both as needed. The Odyssey brings these benefits to the table in a comfortable, well-equipped package. And while it may be large, the Odyssey still handles quite well, so you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of the drive to gain the extra space.

Honda’s mid-size truck, the Ridgeline, is more car-like than most trucks on the market, which results in it having a smooth ride that makes it comfortable for day-to-day driving. But at the end of the day, it’s still a truck, with a sizable cargo bed and powerful engine. It also offers a very comfortable cabin and great fuel economy for its class.

A blue 2022 Honda Passport Elite is shown from the side while driving down a city street.


Honda’s first hybrid vehicle, the first-generation Insight, was introduced in 1999. The Insight saw major changes in the following decades, eventually switching body types altogether, from a subcompact liftback to a sedan with many of the same appealing traits as the Civic. Over the years, Honda has also made hybrid versions of several of its popular models, including the Accord and CR-V.

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