What Is Project Courage?

Having a child be diagnosed with an illness can be massively frightening and painful, and in fact, that stress can actually detract from the healing process. That’s why Honda has started a charity initiative called Project Courage, a means to bring hope to a child’s hospital stay as they walk the road to recovery. Learn more about Honda’s Project Courage, as well as their new innovative Honda Shogo with us at Ryan Honda of Minot near Bismarck or Devils Lake today.


What Does Project Courage Do?

Through Project Courage, Honda has built a small electric motorized vehicle named Shogo that young patients can travel in rather than using a wheelchair. With this small electric Honda, they can drive themselves to and from their appointment or surgery. The Shogo comes with features such as a Caster Lift System, a Toy Bucket, a paddle throttle steering system, an IV pole and pump system holder, an “encouraging horn,” cup holders, and even a customizable license plate!

“Shogo” roughly translates to “soaring into the future” in Japanese, which is an accurate description of Project Courage’s ethos. Project Courage collaborated with health care specialists to not only makes the vehicle safe to drive in a hospital setting, but fun and highly functional for the children who need a smile. The vehicle is meant for patients fom the ages of 4 to 9 as is incredibly easy and intuitive for a child to manuever, complete with soft surfacing. The Shogo also comes with a push bar in case the caregiver needs to push the car instead. 

We know that your child deserves an opportunity to laugh and feel like a kid again, and we at Honda and at Project Courage are happy to be of service in any way possible.

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Now that you know a little more about Project Courage and how it is soaring to the future, be sure to learn more with us at Ryan Honda of Minot of Minot—just a short drive from Dickinson. You can learn more via our manufacturing hub or our model research hub if you have any further questions or concerns.

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